Employee Case Studies

Ridzuan Saleh: Achieving a Multi-Faceted Work-Life Balance

December 12 ,2022
Ridzuan Saleh AS White Global

Work-life balance is integral to maintaining employee wellness, engagement, and productivity. At AS White Global, we listen to our staff’s concerns and come up with ways to develop their career whilst having a life outside the office. Ridzuan Saleh from ASW Malaysia has risen to the challenges in his role and continues to enjoy his various pursuits. Read more about Rids’ story.

1. Hi Ridzuan, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Hello, I’m Ridzuan. Usually, I’m just called Rids. I love music and sports. During weekdays, after work, I join orchestra trainings at night. If there are no scheduled musical sessions, I play with my volleyball team. I join volleyball games twice a week. Sometimes, I do solo violin performances at weddings and company events during weekends.

2. When did you start playing the violin?

I started playing the instrument since I was 13 years old. I’ve been playing the violin for more than 11 years now.

Ridzuan Saleh AS White Global Gala Dinner

3. You played the violin in your performance at the ASW gala dinner party during the company trip. You also joined ASW’s Virtual Run. We’re glad that you shared your talent with us and you actively participate in our company events. Can you share with us your experience?

Getting stuff and merchandise for free is always my favourite part of events, that is why I joined the virtual run. For the violin performance during the gala dinner, I love to show people that the violin is such a great instrument to play and to listen to.

4. How did you start at ASW? Can you tell us more about your role here at ASW?

I have been with AS White Global for more than a year now. I joined the company on the 1st of September in 2021 as an account executive for one of ASW’s client partners. I do accounts payable and bank reconciliations. I managed to handle the full role within two months after I joined. After ten months and further discussion with the senior manager, I was promoted to Assistant Financial Accountant. It’s still a challenging role for me but I enjoy what I’m doing.

5. You work in finance, you have artistic interests, and you’re also into sports. How do you manage to achieve your level of work-life balance?

My manager always gives me tasks that are within my capability. But I got overloaded with ad hoc tasks. I ended up working beyond my regular hours where no one could reply to my enquiries since it was after office hours already. My manager and I had a discussion when this issue happened. As a result, the company provided an account assistant to help me and I was promoted to a higher role. This helped a lot in managing my time.

Ridzuan Saleh AS White Global Badminton

6. What are the challenges that you usually encounter and how do you handle them?

When I got promoted, I needed to train the new staff. It’s a challenge for me since I am still new in the company. I handle this by asking my manager for advice.

7. What advice did you receive from your manager that has helped you to train the new staff?

My manager advised me to be more attentive to details and to make sure the new staff can deliver their work at the same level of standards as I’m doing in my job.

8. What project or task have you done that you are most proud of?

I managed to introduce the new way to do bank reconciliations. I had discussions with three different managers about that and it was approved. That new method was implemented as part of the group company’s operations and it was also applied to five different subsidiaries.

9. Is there a personal or professional goal that you’ve always wanted to accomplish?

My next target is to get promoted at a managerial level and migrate to Australia.

10. Thanks for your time! Is there any inspirational message or advice that you’d like to share with your fellow ASW colleagues?

Enjoy what you are doing and always take the time to discuss with your manager if you experience any challenges at work to resolve issues.