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Team Aviso Broking: Seamless Support and Synergy Shines Through

December 05 ,2023
ASW Global Malaysia Team Aviso Broking

This exceptional team from ASW Malaysia has been recognised for their unparalleled support services for our client partner Aviso Broking. Their teamwork is rooted in a culture of open communication, trust, adaptability, and respect. Learn more about what motivates them and how they deal with the challenges that come their way.

Team members:
Reena Kaur Jasvinderpal Singh – Admin Support Manager
Norekanadirah (Nat) Abdul Rahman – Broking Administration Support
Elya George – Broking Administration Support
Kaalaivani Narayanan – Accounts Administrator
Nur Syairah (Era) Mohamed Kamil – Broker Administration Officer

1. Hi Team! Can you tell us about your work and what do you enjoy outside of work?

Era: I work in Central Support Team as Broker Admin. I enjoy travelling, breeze walking and hiking. I really appreciate quiet, windy and tranquil environments.

Kaalai: I’ve been with ASW as an Accounts Administrator for slightly over a year. My primary task is to support our client’s finance team. During my days off, I love watching movies and spending time with my friends and family.

Elya: I’ve been with ASW since July 2018. I am responsible for assisting our broker mainly for WageCover products. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and running.

Nat: I started at ASW on March 2018. I also assist our broker for WageCover products. Outside of work, I enjoy doing community service.

2. What do you enjoy most about working with your team?

Era: We treat each other with respect. Having the best and understanding manager added more to the fun. We work in a very positive environment within the team.

Nat: Their brilliance. The cooperation and understanding among the team members are just phenomenal.

Elya: Having teammates who are always there to support each other through highs and lows.

3. How do you motivate yourself and each other at work, especially during challenging times?

Reena: The cooperation and communication among the team members is inspirational. Workload has been really heavy this past year, but never once did the team complain. Instead, they worked through the workload.

Kaalai: As a team, we do encourage an open conversation where everyone feels heard. This helps in problem-solving and ensures everyone feels valued, even during difficult times.

Era: Aside from telling myself that I have bills/commitments to pay and a family and cats to feed, I will usually take a short break to remind myself and get back on track.

Elya: We motivate through open communication, teamwork, and celebrating small victories during tough times.

ASW Global Malaysia Team Aviso Broking 2

4. Maintaining strong client relationships is crucial. Can you share a specific example of how you’ve effectively managed a challenging situation and turned it into a positive experience?

Era: Usually, I will first understand the situation and take some time to think about what I am facing and commit to it with a positive attitude. I believe to never act when you are angry or unable to think wisely.

Kaalai: To be honest, I feel fortunate to work with my client who is cooperative and incredibly understanding. Whenever we come across something that appears to be an issue, we deal with it professionally by having an open conversation about the best way to solve it.

Elya: We successfully navigated a challenging client issue by communicating proactively and by showing empathy so we can find mutually beneficial solutions.

Nat: By being open to communicating and by being honest and transparent.

5. What important lessons have you learned working together as a team?

Era: The coaching and experiences from my superiors/managers. I also noticed the trust among team members. Communication and not taking advantage of one another or putting the blame on someone else and to keep supporting each other are the foundations for effective teamwork.

Kaalai: Respecting each member’s contributions and trusting their expertise, which promotes a positive team environment. When team members feel respected, we are more likely to contribute our best work.

Elya: Clear communication, adaptability, and leveraging on our individual strengths have really enhanced our team performance.

Nat: We need to have clear objectives, purpose, messaging, and channels so we can achieve our goals together. We also need to be responsible for the tasks given to us.

6. What is the secret of your teamwork? In 3 words, how would you describe your team?

Kaalai: The secret to our teamwork lies in being adaptable to new challenges or situations. Open and transparent communication helps us to stay informed and aligned, which strengthens trust and synergy within the team.

Era: Supportive, Lenient and Understanding. The secret is to make the environment positive, practise good communication, and having a very understanding and supportive leader.

Nat: Set clear goals so we can achieve our targets together. Trust, responsible, and transparent.

Elya: Our teamwork thrives on trust and shared goals. Efficient, collaborative, communicative.

ASW Global Malaysia Team Aviso Broking 3

7. Congratulations on being among the ASW Team of the Month awardees in 2023. What can you say about this achievement?

Reena: Truly a well-deserved award. Thank you to AS White for acknowledging the team’s hard work.

Elya: It was a surprise and an honour to be named as the Team of the Month! I would like to say “thank you” to ASW for this award and, of course, to my teammates. Way to go, team!

Kaalai: It is an honour, especially for me. It’s only been a few months since I joined the Aviso Broking team to receive such a recognition. This could not be achieved without my amazing team members. This will motivate us to strive and perform better in the future.

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