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Team EML Creative Services: Bonding the Bayanihan Way

October 05 ,2023
AS White Global Philippines EML Creative Services

This dynamic team from ASW Philippines exemplifies the country’s “bayanihan” spirit: always ready to support each other and lend a helping hand. Bonding over food adds a dash of flavour to their collaborative journey. What makes them tick as a team? Read on and be inspired!

Team members:
Rodney Santos – Team Leader
Eddryan Aranzanso – Web Developer
Cheilo Leonardo – Senior Graphic Designer
Darvi Quema – Junior Graphic Designer

1. Hi everyone! Please introduce yourselves. Tell us about your work and what you enjoy outside of work.

Rodney: I lead the Creative Services Team of EML. I manage the operations of the team – from the distribution to the delivery of work, liaising with our internal clients, and looking after the administrative needs of the team. I enjoy cycling, watching anime, and a bit of photography on my free time.

Eddryan: I’ve been with ASW as a Web Developer currently working with the EML Marketing team. I love tech, video games, and anime. I also keep up with tech news and build PCs when given the chance.

Cheilo: My job is to maintain the brand by providing design solutions and strategies for the stakeholders and apply them to different marketing materials. I’m a dedicated dog mom and so I love playing or chillin’ with my dogs on my breaks. I also enjoy going out with friends and try out new aesthetically pleasing cafes and restaurants. Just simple joys, nothing extreme for me.

Darvi: I am in charge of creating various print and digital marketing materials. I love nature-filled activities like a trip to the beach or camping.

AS White Global Philippines EML Creative Services 2

2. What do you enjoy most about working with your team?

Cheilo: I’ve been working with my team for almost 7 years now and what I appreciate the most is the openness and respect we have for each other. These values ensure that we work seamlessly with confidence and trust while still having fun. Plus, we all love to eat, especially Japanese food, and that’s how we bond (and decompress) as a team!

Darvi: What I enjoy most with the team is our work-life balance. We are all career-driven professionals which keeps us all on top of our responsibilities at work. But at the same time, we know how to have fun and mingle outside of work and get to know each other on a more personal level.

3. How do you motivate yourself and each other at work, especially during challenging times?

Rodney: I believe we have a supportive culture in the team where you know that you can always ask for help when needed. We also encourage a bit of time off, especially after a big or difficult project so we that we have the time to recharge. Also… food!

Darvi: Learning from my leaders. I am inspired by how well they do their jobs and how generous they are in guiding me when I encounter roadblocks with my tasks.

Eddryan: Take small breathers. Look at the problem from a different perspective. Most importantly, good food!

AS White Global Philippines EML Creative Services 3

4. Maintaining strong client relationships is crucial. Can you share a specific example of how you’ve effectively managed a challenging situation and turned it into a positive experience?

Rodney: Not all projects turn out the way you want it to and when one that we worked on earlier this year suddenly shifted directions rendering our work moot, it was particularly frustrating. However, with the team’s flexibility and resilience, we shifted our perspective and are now using the same project to challenge ourselves, learn new skills, and expand our capabilities.

Cheilo: Honestly, I’m grateful to be working with very understanding and cooperative clients. It’s hard to name any specific time as almost all our projects are new types of challenges. But so far, we were able to handle things smoothly through open communication and compromise. Whenever we encounter something that seems to be a problem, we address it directly and professionally with an open discussion about how best we could solve the problem strategically.

5. What important lessons have you learned working together as a team?

Eddryan: Always consult the rest of the team about your work. They will see it from a different perspective and see things that are in your blind spot.

Darvi: I learned that everyone may not do the same type of work or bring the same knowledge, yet the diversity of the group can be its key strength.

6. Is there a value or a unique trait from your country that contributes to making your team great?

Rodney: One thing I found that was not common in workplaces in other countries is eating together as a team. It may be rooted in our family-oriented culture, and I think this really helps in building a stronger bond and a sense of belongingness.

Cheilo: We have this Filipino word called “bayanihan” which is derived from the word “bayan” meaning town, nation, or community in general. It refers to a “spirit of communal unity and cooperation”. I think that best describes us as a team as we don’t hesitate on helping each other.

AS White Global Philippines EML Creative Services 4

7. In 3 words, how would you describe your team? What is the secret of your teamwork?

Rodney: Capable, reliable, fun. I think it is knowing that we are all part of a team, that we are all rowing towards the same goal, and that it is best to have an enjoyable time doing it.

Eddryan: Communication is key.

Cheilo:Small but terrible”, haha! We are a small team, but we do incredible and huge things together. We enjoy what we are doing while learning along the way.

Darvi: Collaborative. Dependable. Structured. Our team has always established clear goals which, I think, is the key that makes our team successful.