6 Benefits of Dedicated Offshore IT Services

July 08 ,2022
Benefits of Dedicated Offshore IT Services

Information Technology (IT) is the digital backbone of industries and businesses. The role of IT is more essential than ever in day-to-day operations to meet the increasing demand for faster delivery of services, accurate and real-time data collection, streamlining business processes, and optimum customer experience. From conducting business using cloud-computing platforms and developing software programs for specific needs to providing cybersecurity and employing AI for automated functions, plus a myriad of applications. Investing in IT is absolutely necessary to future-proof your business.

The pandemic has certainly expedited the use of IT tools for business use. This has subsequently triggered the continuous rise of recruiting highly skilled professionals who can work on the complexities of IT. Whilst companies are more than ready to innovate, there is an onshore talent shortage that makes it challenging to find the right people. It’s no wonder that more businesses are now outsourcing their IT services to offshore staff providers with the capabilities to meet their business needs. In fact, based on a 2021 Deloitte study, IT is now the leading industry for outsourcing. Additionally, 54% of businesses are outsourcing or offshoring IT functions and this is expected to grow year over year.

Here are the compelling benefits of why it’s a smart business decision to consider outsourcing your organisation’s IT functions to an expert offshore services and solutions provider.

Access to a wider pool of IT talent and infrastructure

The bigger the net, the more fish you will catch. Thus, an offshore staff provider can offer more sources for talent acquisition than typically available locally. Providers can recruit from countries with an IT-rich workforce such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines . It’s also advisable to get an expert offshore provider with a dedicated recruitment team that’s solely focussed on sourcing IT talent to get the best candidates. If you lack the IT infrastructure (hardware and software), the offshore provider can also take care of that. By having a dedicated offshore IT staff that’s expertly trained to use the latest technology, your company will be empowered to make informed tech-related decisions for the business.

Improve productivity of in-house staff

With the support of an offshore IT team, your in-house staff can focus on their core responsibilities of running the business such as strategic planning, brand building, or sales and marketing. Working with an offshore IT team also exposes your onshore staff to new tech platforms and applying the best IT practices that will help increase their efficiency.

Ensure data security

In the “State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021” report, it is estimated that the cost of data breaches will further increase from $3 trillion annually to more than $5 trillion in 2024. Companies that need to improve their cybersecurity can turn to an offshore IT team for high-performing solutions. An offshore services provider with the highest accreditation in data security standards is bound to follow industry and government mandates whilst integrating with your company compliance policies. This will ensure that sensitive information will remain private and protected, thereby preventing costly delays in your business operations due to cybercrimes.

Benefits of Dedicated Offshore IT Services

An asset to business continuity and risk management

The discipline of business continuity management was initially practised in the IT industry to deal with disaster recovery from critical data processing disruptions. Early studies have indicated that 90% of companies that have encountered a “catastrophic loss of data and equipment” with no business continuity plan will eventually go out of business within 24 months. An offshore team of IT experts is a strategic solution to support your business continuity plans. They are trained to implement disaster recovery and data security protocols to mitigate potential risks and significantly reduce costly downtimes.

Scalability of services

Depending on the evolving business needs of your company, an offshore provider enables companies the ability to scale without the typical onshore challenges such as office space, IT hardware, recruitment and HR challenges. This is a key benefit that will enable the offshore service provider to conduct a smoother transition for your company to adapt and deploy new platforms more effectively.

Invest efficiently for more capability

You can leverage your operational budget to capitalise on the most qualified offshore talent for more value. With a dedicated offshore IT team, you’ll be able to efficiently optimise your financial resources and invest further in recognising the onshore talent requirements and invest this revenue to acquire the best possible candidates locally.

The Premier Offshore Service Provider in Australia

As a forerunner of IT outsourcing services in Australia, ASW Global derives its success from building effective offshore teams of highly trained IT professionals for industry-leading companies based in Australia, NZ, US, and the UK. To ensure that we provide the best candidates for our clients, we have established a designated recruitment team with the expertise in attracting the most qualified IT talent from Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Our IT and Software Development offshore services can provide end-to-end solutions to support your business endeavours.

ASW Global is always in compliance with the highest industry standards of data security. We are accredited with ISO27001 Information Security Management System certification. Our data privacy protocols cover four key areas: Technology, Physical, Human Resource, and Desktop Security. We also make sure that our internal staff and offshore teams receive regular trainings and policy updates concerning data security. You can learn more details about it here.

If you would like to experience the benefits of our offshore IT staff services and solutions, book a free consultation with us today.