The Top 10 Healthcare Roles Delegated to an Offshore Team

March 10 ,2023
IPAR Team, AS White Global Philippines

Australia’s healthcare industry relies heavily on employing certified and qualified professionals to provide optimum care for its citizens. The lifting of pandemic restrictions for migrant workers can help fill the gap for the high demand of medical practitioners (doctors, registered nurses, carers). But there is also a great need for skilful workers to fill supporting roles in the healthcare industry. This can be addressed efficiently by outsourcing healthcare services to an offshore solutions provider.

Australian Healthcare Workforce, AS White Global

Here are the most in-demand offshore jobs that also provide essential support to the Australian healthcare industry and the benefits they bring to the country’s healthcare system.

1. Data entry and management

An offshore global team of clinical data abstractors, for example, can handle the tedious and time-consuming task of collecting and organising patient information and other relevant data that healthcare companies need. Effective and efficient data management helps healthcare providers make informed decisions to improve patient outcomes. It also involves compliance with regulatory requirements in protecting patient data privacy and security, a top priority in the healthcare industry.

2. IT and tech support

IT is among the top functions that are being outsourced to offshore staffing services — from network management and software development to cybersecurity and technical support for medical equipment. By offshoring these functions, healthcare organisations can leverage specialised expertise and focus their resources in delivering quality patient care. A reliable offshore service provider can also ensure data security compliance to protect patient information. Plus, the time difference with the offshore team allows them to provide 24/7 tech support for healthcare organisations to maintain business continuity.

3. Customer service coordinators and administrators

Offshore staffing of customer service eliminates the need for healthcare institutions to invest and maintain their own customer service infrastructure. This gives them more opportunities to redirect their resources towards other critical healthcare operations. A dedicated offshore customer service team can also provide round-the-clock telehealth support which is vital in the healthcare industry, where patients and their families often require immediate attention.

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4. Accounting and finance staff

The healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries that require a high level of accuracy in financial reporting. Highly qualified offshore staff can provide a variety of accounting and financial services (tax filing, auditing, accounts payable, billings, bookkeeping, payroll, financial analysis and reporting). They are also knowledgeable in using automated tools to improve accuracy and efficiency.

5. HR professionals

An offshore global staff of skilled HR professionals can handle the recruitment, training, compensation, and benefits of healthcare employees. Additionally, offshore HR teams can provide healthcare organisations with access to a global talent pool, which can help to fill skill gaps and promote diversity within the workplace.

6. Marketing and advertising professionals

The healthcare industry is a highly competitive landscape. It can be challenging for healthcare companies to keep up with ever-evolving trends. But running a full in-house marketing and advertising team can put a dent in the operations budget. Hiring an onshore marketing firm or advertising agency can be costly. With an offshore marketing and advertising team, healthcare companies can reap the benefits of investing more efficiently in a team with a global level of expertise. An offshore digital marketing team, for example, can provide a range of services that include market research, branding, social media management, content creation, website development, and SEO.

7. Supply chain and logistics specialists

Offshoring supply chain and logistics functions is another strategic way to outsource healthcare solutions. Healthcare facilities require a steady flow of medicines, medical supplies and equipment to provide optimum patient care. Having an offshore supply chain and logistics team can manage inventory and track shipments at all hours to ensure the timely delivery of such healthcare services.

8. Administrative/virtual assistants

Whilst medical consultants focus on providing high quality care for their patients, offshore virtual assistants can handle the administrative side of healthcare. For example, rehabilitation assistants can provide case management support, prepare status reports, follow up with stakeholders on various required documentation, contact clients, and schedule appointments.

9. Medical transcriptionists

Certified medical practitioners provide audio recordings of their reports, as writing them down will take up too much of their time dedicated for patient care. Transcribing these recordings into written reports (in compliance with insurance requirements, for example) can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why healthcare and insurance companies tap into the resources of offshore service providers. They can offer more qualified candidates to build a highly skilled team of medical transcriptionists with a solid foundation in medical terminology and strong English writing skills.

10. Medical coders

To ensure accuracy in medical-related billings, medical coders are tasked to review records and assign a standard set of codes for diagnoses, procedures, and services provided to patients. The codes are then used for billing and insurance purposes. Offshoring this function provides healthcare companies access to a wider range of professionals who are fully capable to accomplish this tedious task.

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AS White Global has extensive expertise and experience in building dedicated offshore teams in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines for businesses based in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the US. We have successfully paired the best candidates with our healthcare client partners which include:

• An established distributor of high quality and technologically advanced medical devices and equipment for hospitals and medical professionals

• A major provider of comprehensive injury prevention, injury management and return to work services in Australia

• A healthcare company that’s leading the way in providing health management solutions, healthtech, and specialist medical services

For enquiries on how our offshore staffing services can help improve outcomes for your healthcare establishment, contact us for a free consultation.


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