How Can Outsourcing Benefit Healthcare Services

October 21 ,2021
How Can Outsourcing Benefit Healthcare Services

According to analysts from assess management Mercer, the US is projected to encounter a major shortage of healthcare workers. By 2026, over 6.5 million workers will leave the healthcare sector due to burnout from the constant struggles at work during the pandemic. From the same report, there will also be a 10% increase in the demand for mental health professionals.

Outsourcing via offshore healthcare and medical services is achieving exponential market growth due to the current and projected environment, as well as with remote work being the new normal. As hospitals and healthcare companies continue to scramble to meet the needs of patients, the importance of establishing safer protocols and more efficient options to render their services has never been more appropriate.

This requires a dedicated workforce that’s well-trained to perform a variety of high-level tasks such as tele-health consulting, clinical abstracting, medical coding and transcription, and professional rehabilitation administration.

They can also provide back-office functions to support the core team such as data processing, preparing billing statements, securing payments, processing claims, handling enquiries on healthcare benefits or injury claims, maintaining medical records, providing patient data security, and other administrative work that are tedious but essential in running daily operations.

Advancements in digital communications, medical technology, and healthcare online platforms have also made it possible to create a functional and flexible tele-medical environment for the patient and the provider. An offshore team with the capacity to employ these tools can bridge the gaps in supplying healthcare and medical services and provide solutions to the many challenges that this industry is facing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare Services

Improved response to patient care

Overall, an offshore staff can provide essential support to streamline work processes, increase productivity, and improve the efficiency of licensed medical practitioners and healthcare providers. Onshore physicians and clinicians can spend vital time servicing patients on more critical, health-related concerns. At the same time, offshore staff members can immediately facilitate the patient’s requests and enquiries on non-medical matters.

Compliance and security

In the medical and healthcare industry, compliance certification from regulatory entities such as HIPAA is an absolute must. This includes having secure systems for data privacy, protection from costly cyberattacks, and ensuring accuracy in billing processes, records, and medical coding, among others. A highly skilled IT offshore team can fulfil these requirements.

Leverage operational budget and deliver scalability

Training an in-house medical team to take on administrative work can be costly in terms of time, effort, and finances. Outsourcing support staff for non-core duties can enable onshore businesses to invest in more headcount and improve overall productivity and patient experience. An offshore team’s size can easily be scaled according to the organisation’s job requirements to help manage operational expenses.

Competitive edge

Through outsourcing, a healthcare provider can become the top-of-mind choice for their clients and patients via delivering an exceptional customer experience. An offshore team can help level the playing field by providing faster, more accurate, and more efficient healthcare services over competition.

Long-term career opportunities

Back-office functions may be considered as entry level work in Australia with a possibility for high turnover. But if these functions are outsourced to an offshore team, they’re actually stepping stones to career growth. The experience and expertise developed in the field of medical and healthcare services can lead to more high-level, specialised roles to address the increasing shortages in this sector.

From another perspective, outsourcing health services also provides the opportunity to attract qualified medical talent to perform administrative services wherein having a medical background is an asset. For example, registered nurses as members of a rehabilitation administration team. In this case, outsourcing can help resolve issues on high attrition onshore.

Consider outsourcing with ASW

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