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Justin Sibug: A Proactive Leader Driving Peak Performance

October 06 ,2022
ASW Philippines Justin Sibug

New dad. Performance manager. Active gamer. Any role that Justin takes on serves as a platform to build up his confidence for facing different challenges. In his work with one of ASW’s client partners (a full-service media agency), Justin’s expertise has helped boost the business growth of their clients. His encouraging guidance is an invaluable support to the development of junior team members. It’s no wonder he is among ASW’s 2021 Client Spotlight Awardees. Here’s more about Justin and his interesting insights on what it takes to be a leader.

1. Hi Justin, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?

My name is Justin Sibug. I’m 27 years old. I’m a new dad so outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my 6-month-old son. I’m also an avid gamer. I really enjoy playing Valorant. I also collect Blu-rays.

ASW Philippines Justin Sibug

2. What was your career like that led you to join AS White Global?

That’s an interesting story. I started in film and TV production as a production assistant before dipping my toes in advertising. I joined a boutique ad agency and worked as an account manager before exploring a career in media buying for 4 years before landing this role with ASW and The Speed Agency. I’ve been with ASW since July 2020.

3. Can you tell us more about your role here at ASW? What’s a regular day like for you?

I’m a Performance Manager for The Speed Agency. I usually start my day by going through my emails and checking on my to-do list. I handle the day-to-day management and optimisation of our clients’ performance campaigns on Google Ads, Meta, and other media channels. I also meet with clients to report on performance and plan around their KPIs.

4. As a Performance Manager, what are the challenges that you usually encounter and how do you handle them?

Working in an agency that focusses on performance media means that you always have to be on top of your client’s KPIs since strong media performance usually leads to strong business performance. The most common challenge we face are underperforming campaigns. At Speed, we’ve adopted a test-and-learn approach to ensure the continuous improvement of our performance campaigns.

5. What changes have you seen within yourself, personally and professionally, when you took on a leadership role? What leadership skills have you learned to develop?

I think the biggest change I’ve seen within myself is my confidence. I’ve learned to be more open and communicative with my teammates and my clients.

6. How do you guide and motivate your team members?

Communication goes a long way. Regularly checking in with teammates to see if they need help and being open with them when you need help really motivates everyone to do their best day in and day out.

ASW Philippines Justin Sibug

7. You were among ASW’s Client Spotlight awardees last year. The feedback we received is: “Positive client management, alongside continually improved channel results, has ensured that Justin has developed positive client relationships for himself, and the SPEED agency as a whole.” What techniques/strategies do you employ to maintain positive client relationships?

Always be proactive. Having initiative builds trust and confidence and improves client relations significantly.

8. What project or task have you done at ASW that you are most proud of? According to the client’s feedback, you were instrumental with your contributions in “the improved quarter-on-quarter results for one the key clients (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), which has seen an increase in conversion volume.” Can you share your experience with us about that project?

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was one of the first accounts assigned to me when I joined the team. The account’s campaigns spanned a number of different media channels which exposed me to a lot of different opportunities to improve performance and efficiency. Through proactive recommendations and optimisations made to the campaigns, we were able to drive increase conversion volume quarter-on-quarter.

9. What important lessons have you learned in your leadership role?

The most important lessons I’ve learned this past year are not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to make the most of every opportunity you get.

10. Who do you admire as a leader and why?

Michael Scott (from the TV show “The Office”). For all Michael Scott’s faults, he was a good and compassionate leader. He built genuine connections with a lot of his teammates. He also knew how to have fun.

11. Thanks for your time! Is there any special message or advice you’d like to share with your fellow ASW colleagues, especially for those who are aspiring for leadership positions?

From The Office: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott
Stepping out of your comfort zone opens a whole new world of opportunities for you. The hardest thing to do is muster the courage to go for it.