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Keith Cajucom: Reinventing Through Learning

September 13 ,2023
AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom

How do we nurture excellent talent? At ASW Global, our Learning & Development programme plays a vital role in our staff’s career journey. This has given more opportunities for Keith from ASW Philippines to learn new skills that will enable him to pursue a career in data science. Discover what led him to ASW, how he became one of our Client Spotlight Awardees, and read his valuable advice for sole providers of families.

1. Hi Keith, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m 29 years old, a BS Biology graduate who has been working for 4 years. I enjoy going cafe hopping and trying new dishes and restaurants. I enjoy long car rides and swimming at the beach.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 2

2. What was your career like before you joined ASW? How did you start at ASW?

In previous BPO companies, I was working in customer service, reporting to a team leader, and adjusting to changing schedules, which was usually graveyard shift. I was checking my LinkedIn, looking for a job that is more focused on emails and back-office work, when I came across this hidden gem of a company. I saw a job posting for a business support officer and realised it was a good fit for me and what I wanted to do.

3. Can you tell us more about your role here at ASW? What’s a regular day like for you?

As a Business Support Officer, I assist the client and the company with a variety of tasks. The majority of my time is spent handling their company email and distributing it to the appropriate department or person. I also handle paper uploading and follow-up. Everything administrative.

The difficulties I encounter are usually technical in nature. Fortunately, we have the most efficient IT to fix it. Most of my tasks are manageable, and I can always tell the client if I have too much on my plate and need assistance. Having the best client/boss allows me to handle my tasks in the most effective way. It’s very routine, but I like routines because they have structure.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 3

4. Congratulations on your Client Spotlight Award last year! Can you share with us how our client partner Nordwake informed you about this: what was their feedback about your performance and how did you feel about the news?

Thank you very much! My client didn’t inform me about it prior to my receiving the award, so imagine my surprise when my name was called on the stage at the Year-End Party. I told my client about it and was so happy and grateful. Honestly, I would not have gotten it if it hadn’t been for the amazing clients who are very supportive and helpful. They told me that I was committed to my work, eager to learn, and willing to accept constructive criticism, which helped them connect with me and helped me be more effective at my tasks.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 4

5. Last year, managers from our client partner Nordwake visited your team. Can you share with us how it went?

It went well. We did a team-building activity together, ate lunch together, and talked about the nature of the company and each of their departments, which helped us understand and complete our work.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 5

6. You recently finished an IBM Cognitive Class on Data Science Orientation (via Coursera). What influenced you to sign up for this course? Are there any other courses that you’re planning to sign up for via ASW Learning & Development?

I’ve been trying to reinvent myself as a data analyst/data scientist, and I’m grateful to AS White for offering this type of programme through Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. It aided my growth and learning, and hopefully it will steer me towards the successful career I desire.

7. What do you consider your top 3 achievements (whether at ASW or in your personal life)?

That would be starting my data science orientation, receiving the ASW award, and having work-life balance.

8. How do you achieve work-life balance?

Working in a hybrid environment allows me to organise my day-to-day schedule and attend to my family, as I am now the sole provider for them. I also have time to enjoy my weekends without having to worry about work until Monday.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 6

9. You mentioned you’re the sole provider of your family. How do you manage the challenges that come with this responsibility? What advice would you give to those who are in the same situation?

Careful planning, efficient time management, and keeping a positive mindset are all necessary to handle the challenges of being the only provider for my family. I make a conscious effort to establish a healthy work-life balance in order to manage the demands of my job and my family life. This means setting limits and devoting meaningful time to my family, as well as taking care of my personal health. I am constantly looking for possibilities for professional growth and promotion in order to increase my earning potential and offer a more secure future for my family.

My advice is to have financial planning, effective time management, emotional support, and a proactive approach to personal and professional growth.

10. Is there a personal or professional goal that you’ve always wanted to accomplish?

I will always want to learn more and, hopefully, become a data analyst/scientist in the future. Being a member of ASW greatly assists me in doing so, as does having access to these courses and lessons.

11. Name one thing/aspect from the Philippines that you’re proud to share with everyone.

Bayanihan” is a Filipino cultural value that emphasises the sense of communal solidarity, teamwork, and cooperation. This sense of togetherness jumps out and should be celebrated. It not only displays Filipinos’ perseverance in the face of tragedy, but it also serves as an encouraging example of how individuals can work together to make an improvement in the lives of others. Sharing this with the rest of the world conveys a message of compassion, solidarity, and the power of collective effort.

AS White Global Philippines Keith Cajucom 7

12. Thanks for your time! Before we go, what inspirational message or career advice would you like to share with your fellow ASW colleagues?

Nowadays, freedom is considered a luxury. So seize it and make the most out of it.