As the market matures and consumers have many choices, companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, multinationals…), all sectors (B2B, B2C, NGO…) are struggling to find innovative approaches to set their brands apart, standing out from the crowd. Facing such intense competition, creative services emerge as the key factor in any branding or marketing strategy, deciding if it is a hit or a miss.

However, here comes another dilemma. While start-ups and SMEs couldn’t afford setting up a whole in-house creative department, large corporations are dealing with overwhelmed staff and growing dependence on outsourcing creative providers. As a response, many have turned to offshoring creative teams as a holistic alternative.

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Signs your business needs an offshore creative team

Generally speaking, offshoring practices means recruiting qualified creative staff who are based in another country. These staff work solely for your business and act as an extension of your onshore team(s) in Australia. Consider setting up an offshore creative team if your business suffers from one of these three demands:

Lack of in-house expertise. This mainly applies to start-ups and SMEs whose budget and headcount are limited. Offshoring lifts these burden off your shoulder by taking advantage of global labour arbitrage, allowing you to build creative team over time without significantly bulking up overheads.

Your business is in need of fresh approaches. This concerns large corporations who have been operating for decades and want a refresh to catch up with market trends. By offshoring creative services, you open up to wider global talent pools and best practices that bring a new breath of life to your marketing campaigns.

You need to increase online presence. Digital marketing has been “the thing” in the 21st century, complementing (and sometimes even eclipsing) traditional marketing initiatives. Having a dedicated offshore creative team is the most practical solution to keep your business up and active in digital platforms with short preparation period, yet long-term performance and consistency.

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Set up an offshore creative team that work

Imminent and promising as it may seem, building an offshore creative team still requires a thorough and well-planned approach. To begin with, you should always start by identifying the function(s) you want to offshore. Talents in dynamic regions like Southeast Asia can handle almost all tasks of a complete creative department, yet it is up to your own business demand to have the final word. For first-timers, it is advisable that you offshore one popular function (e.g. graphic design, copywriting, email marketing…) in the beginning, assess the efficiency before proceeding with other positions in the team.

Once the team has been basically set up, maintaining smooth collaboration and communication between onshore and offshore creative staff is extremely vital. It is in the nature of creative services that constant discussion and feedbacks are required to produce the optimal outcomes. Pick a project management platform and a team messaging tool that you are comfortable with, train your offshore staff thoroughly and make sure everyone is responsive, collaborative on a daily basis. At first, it sounds more complicated than delegating everything for an outsourcing creative agency. Yet, your business will soon be rewarded with dedicated staff who not only fit in your organisational culture, but also provide momentum, flexibility and capability as the operation scales up.

Partnership with a prestigious offshoring company is also strongly recommended, especially for those who are new to or seek long-term benefits from offshoring practices. This service provider (or as we are preferably called: business partner) will guide you through the whole offshoring process, from choosing the destination(s), talent recruitment to equipment setup and other HR management tasks. Free from all those tedious preparation, you can fully focus on training your offshore creative staff, hit the ground running in the shortest amount of time and most importantly, discover more room for growth that creative marketing has to offer.

With experience in helping many Australian companies set up their offshore teams in general and creative teams in specific, ASW Global is proud to offer a comprehensive, flexible and tested offshoring creative solution for companies of all sizes. Should enforcing greater brand awareness through a competitive creative marketing team is your goal in 2019, don’t hesitate to contact us for further consultation.

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