Learnings of ASW Partners

August 30 ,2021
ASW team awards

ASW has been an offshore service provider for a decade, and we’ve worked with many valued companies over the years who have been our partners in our success. To many of our partners, utilising offshore managed solutions may have been a new experience, and it has been interesting knowing what their experiences are like, especially what they have learned in the offshoring model. Here are some of the most noteworthy and memorable learnings from our ASW Partners. 

On IT Solutions 

Our relationship with ASW has been integral to the overall success of our software project and has even allowed us to take on additional major projects for ExamWorks that were not originally anticipated.  The quality, enthusiasm, and work ethic of our seven-person development team have been outstanding and have exceeded our expectations in every way. Using ASW as a partner to our internal development team has allowed us to meet our commitments on time and within budget, and we couldn’t be happier.” – Robert Radu, Product Owner, ExamWorks 

We are very happy with the team’s capability, professionalism and commitment to deliver consistently high-quality work. The team is always eager to provide a high level of technical knowledge adding to the depth to our business. So far we’ve been very pleased with the outcome.” – Graham Hemsworth, Co-Founder, Zen Enterprise 

On Accounting & Finance 

Our long-time collaboration with ASW is a great success story. We started in 2013 with two members and added more headcounts over time. We now have 11 enthusiastic and hardworking members who take care of our day-to-day administrative, payment process, bank reconciliation, etc. The team has made a great contribution to our business success.” – Simon Lane, CEO, Leading Edge 

Vietnam team has been an excellent add-on to our business. Our members have been very hardworking and enthusiastic. Their willingness to learn and determination to deliver high-quality work are valuable to us. We are very pleased with the outcome of this partnership with ASW.” – Lauro Ramos, CFO, One Investment Group 

ASW helped us expand our workforce quickly. We were able to accelerate our growth thanks to a highly competent team in Vietnam. They are knowledgeable about Australian tax and accounting rules, committed, collaborative and reliable, which gives me the peace of mind to concentrate on other things.” – Katherine O’Connor, Senior Client Manager, Allan Hall Business Advisors 

On Creative & Marketing 

ASW enabled us to rapidly build a full-service digital marketing team that is now a vital part of our business and delivers exceptional results.” – Sophie O’Halloran, Brand Manager, Cleanaway 

We can definitely see improvements in the number of finished deliverables ever since we partnered up with ASW. The staff they provided us perfectly fits our culture. It’s a gem working with him.” – Platform Finance 


As an offshore service provider to businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK, ASW is proud to be part of our partners’ successful offshoring journey these past ten years. Learning about their takeaways and appreciation of their ASW staff fuels us to continually provide high-quality offshore managed solutions to all our partners. Our offshoring journey has been richer because of our partners, and we’re excited for what’s ahead in the next ten years for ASW