What are the 7 Advantages of an Offshore IT Help Desk Team

July 11 ,2022
Advantages of an Offshore IT Help Desk Team

In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of outsourcing IT services to an offshore staff provider and how they can contribute to your business growth. Now let’s focus on one of the essential IT services that can be accomplished more efficiently by a dedicated offshore team: the Help Desk function.

As your business further expands, the need for better IT support becomes absolutely necessary to run your day-to-day operations smoothly as it gets more complex. Your in-house IT personnel should focus more on higher-level responsibilities to improve IT systems for business development. Instead, they’re bogged down from solving basic tech problems encountered by your internal staff, such as resetting a password, troubleshooting printing problems, installing a new application, or upgrading your computer’s operating systems. If you’re thinking of adding in-house IT manpower and infrastructure, this can drain your operational expenses and can negatively affect your profit margins.

One of the ideal benefits in offshore IT services is to ensure business continuity. Having a Help Desk is part of this strategic solution to support your internal staff. Their job is to make sure that any IT issues within the company are resolved immediately to avoid costly disruptions that can negatively impact the customer’s experience. Let’s delve further into the key advantages of Help Desk offshoring.

1. Broader access to technical expertise

With the ongoing shortage of onshore IT specialists, an experienced offshore staff provider can offer you access to a wider pool of talent. Countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines have a strong IT workforce highly trained in various functions to support IT Help Desk services. It’s also a big bonus if the offshore staff provider has the expertise in recruiting technical talent who are experienced in resolving IT issues specific to your business. If they have a designated team focussed on IT talent acquisition, you’ll have better candidates for your offshore IT Help Desk staff.

2. Increased availability for IT support

Having an offshore IT Help Desk means working with them in different time zones. But this actually gives you an advantage. Some transactions with your customers occur beyond your regular office hours. This gives your offshore IT Help Desk the opportunity to assist them immediately, sparing you from dealing with frustrated customers after hours locally. The offshore team can also resolve IT concerns within your staff before they come to work. So that, by the time they log in, every tech platform that they need to accomplish their tasks will run smoothly, enabling them to be more productive.

3. Faster response time

If your onshore staff has a problem with their computer during work hours, an offshore IT Help Desk can provide assistance quickly. They can use remote access tools to take control of a faulty computer and make repairs without having to be physically present. This will significantly improve the response rate to address IT issues whist saving on labour and transportation. Downtime is reduced and your staff can continue working without further delay.

4. Scalability of services

Scaling an offshore IT Help Desk team enables you to delegate certain functions to them to help support your core IT team. These responsibilities can include handling after-hours requests, addressing authentication issues, or monitoring firewalls. As your business expands, you can scale up your offshore IT Help Desk accordingly to accommodate more requests.

Advantages of an Offshore IT Help Desk Team

5. Better level of service management

An offshore IT Help Desk not only has the capability to resolve technical issues. They are also highly trained to provide a level of customer service management that doesn’t compromise your client experience and matches the expectations of your in-house support. This will ensure that all requests will be handled whilst following strict protocols and applying industry-level standards for better quality of service. Unlike an outsourcing call centre that handles multiple clients for ad hoc projects, an offshore IT Help Desk is dedicated solely to working for your company. This means that they are only focussed on handling your organisation’s IT concerns and following your company’s policies and procedures.

6. Solve retention problems

Keeping an in-house IT Help Desk well-staffed can be challenging. Your IT personnel may want to apply their skills beyond the routine Help Desk tasks. If they are not given an opportunity to do so, you might lose your in-house IT talents…and they are very hard to come by. An offshore IT Help Desk can solve employee retention problems by taking on those basic tasks whilst you provide a working environment where your in-house IT staff can do more high-level work and thrive professionally. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to maximise your organisation’s IT capabilities.

7. Focus on your core business purpose

With the help of an offshore IT Help Desk, you and your in-house IT team will no longer be distracted by mundane IT issues. You can now pay more attention to your core duties in creating and implementing strategies that will drive business expansion. Meanwhile, the offshore Help Desk will take the burden of handling those routine requests from your in-house IT staff so they can focus on bringing in technological solutions to support business growth.

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