The Top 10 In-Demand Offshore Roles in Australia for 2023

December 15 ,2022
Top 10 In-Demand Offshore Roles in Australia for 2023, AS White Global

According to the Australian Government’s recent Labour Market Insights, employment is projected to increase over five years to November 2026 across 19 broad industries and 8 broad occupational groups. Three-fifths of the total projected employment growth will come from the following industries:

Project Employment Growth, AS White Global

Among these industries, the health care and professional/technical sectors will benefit immensely from offshoring. Whilst the demand in health care is more for registered nurses, medical technicians, and aged and disabled carers, offshore teams can provide various essential services to improve efficiencies in the health care industry. Offshoring has far-reaching applications in health care operations that involve IT, legal services, administrative support, financial and accounting services, among many others.

It’s no surprise that there will be several IT-related roles in this list, given the huge demand for this talent in different industries – from health care, retail, research and development, and numerous businesses with IT services. In a tight labour market, companies can partner with an offshore service provider for wider access to high-quality talent without compromising their standards.

Here are the most in-demand offshore roles needed in Australia for 2023 and beyond.

1. Software and Applications Programmers

These roles are ranked the second-most in-demand talents, behind nursing, according to the National Skills Commission’s (NSC) 2022 Skills Priority List. Given the acute tech talent shortage, Australian companies can explore high-quality IT staff solutions from overseas. Vietnam and Malaysia, for example, have a robust IT workforce and infrastructure that makes them perfect for building offshore IT teams.

2. Legal Services

According to a recent report, an estimated 17,000 jobs in the legal sector will be added over the next five years to 2026/27. Remote work will still play a significant factor in providing legal services. Though demand has slowed down in the second half of 2022, there are still concerns with regard to talent competition. Offshore teams of highly qualified talent in the legal profession can support the industry. They can adapt quickly to the intricacies of the Australian legal system.

3. Administrative Assistants

The NSC reports that clerical and administrative functions are in 4th place in terms of highest replacement rate (22.4% as of September 2022). Offshoring these services can actually help reduce turnovers and improve retention in this function. Whilst this may be seen as entry-level work in Australia, an offshore staff will see this as a long-term career path. As a result, this saves local businesses from having to rehire and retrain a replacement. Getting a dedicated and scalable offshore team is a more efficient solution rather than constantly backfilling the position.

4. Accountants

CPA Australia has identified that one of the major problems in the industry right now is the shortfall of accountants. Financial accounting and reporting roles are high in demand, followed by accounts officers, payroll, business services, corporate advisory, and accounts payable roles. Certified accountants in offshore global teams are highly qualified to support Australian businesses in this capacity. They are also adept in using automated programs to make tedious, time-consuming accounting processes faster and more efficient with more accurate results.

5. Database and Systems Administrators and IT Security Specialists

The recent cyberattacks on Optus and Medibank Private are examples of why many large organisations are urgently looking for a more robust approach to cyber security, hence the high demand for these IT professionals. According to the NSC, these roles rank high among the Top 20 Occupations for Projected Employment Growth to 2026. An offshore team of highly trained data security specialists can help address the demand. But it’s crucial that the offshore service provider should comply with industry-level standards of data security.

6. Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimate a 13% employment growth from 2020 to 2030 for web developers and digital designers. To meet the increasing demand, businesses can tap into the wealth of graphic and web design expertise from offshore teams. This also gives you the opportunity to invest your resources efficiently in securing creative and innovative offshore talent in this field.

7. ICT Managers and Support Technicians

According to a Deloitte report, Australia needs 60,000 more IT employees each year to keep up with demand, yet only 7,000 students graduate with an IT degree each year. Offshore teams in IT customer service management can help fill the gap. Maintaining optimum IT services is essential for establishing positive customer experiences and for business continuity. An offshore team for these roles will enable you to provide 24/7 customer service. You can maximise the time difference between you and the remote team, so they can provide tech support even beyond Australian office hours.

8. Financial Managers, Brokers, and Investment Advisers

According to AssetMark, 91% of respondents claim that outsourcing has helped grow their total assets at a faster rate. But for 48% of those who don’t outsource, they are concerned about loss of control if they opt for outsourcing. Offshoring actually allows you to have complete control over the remote team’s work processes. Unlike outsourcing, a dedicated offshore team is focussed solely on working for your business. They will apply the same quality standards that you set for your internal team. You’ll gain the benefit of being able to focus more on your core duties whilst driving business growth and efficiencies.

9. Management and Organisation Analysts

As businesses and industries continue to adapt in a post-pandemic environment, these analysts are essential to help organisations produce better outcomes and increase efficiency. It’s no wonder that the NSC considers management and organisation analysts among the top 10 in-demand jobs in Australia. It is estimated that this role will grow at the rate of 32.3% from 2021 to 2026. Offshore global teams can fill the talent gap for this function.

10. Data Scientists

This role will continue to be in high demand as business leaders will rely heavily on their insights for a deeper understanding of their market. The Australian Financial Review reported a significant increase in investment for this sector in the past three years. If you’re struggling to find reliable data scientists locally, you might want to consider offshoring options to get more qualified talent to crunch the numbers and provide better insights.

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